Alain Chabanon


Alain’s wines are elegant and slender. He is recognized in France for his great
work on purity and fruit in the Southern French grapes. Whether the wine is

stored on concrete eggs or wood barrels there is a balance to Alain’s fingerprints.

Alain Chabanon L’Esprit deFont Caude    245kr.

Alain Chabanon Saut de Cote   290kr.




Benjamin Thaillandier


Youthful drinkability! Benjamin cultivates traditional Southern French grapes on his 7 hectares. He is a new talent on the way with both juice and power. With the ambition to make wines to drink. Juicy and inviting.

Benjamin Taillandier Buffentis     135kr.

Benjamin Taillandier Blanc     125kr.

Benjamin Taillandier Viti Vini Bibi      125kr.




Chateau Marco

Marc Leseney has no website, but the phone number is on the bottle so you can just call him if you have questions. Marc cuts a little back on the number of cows and slightly up the number of vines every year. He is close to having a hectare. We are happy about that. Because that means we have been allowed to buy something from him. Bold fresh chenin and a crisp and delicious Blanquette de Limoux.

Chateau Marco
Blanquette de Limoux Brut     145kr.

Chateau Marco Lætificat Chenin Blanc      145kr.




Chateau Sulauze

Karina and Guillaume Lefèvre have created a biodynamic playground in Coteaux Aix-en-Provence. They started ripping out most of the industrial vines to make space for animals and barley- both for the animals and for making delicious beer. The wines that remains are small plots of old grenache, syrah, vermentino and arguably the cutest little hill plot of cinsault next to an old chapel. All the wines have an energy and lightness to them that reflects Karina and Guillaume.

Chateau Sulauze Chapelle       195kr.

Chateau Sulauze Chapelle blanc        195kr.

Chateau Sulauze Galinette       125kr.

Chateau Sulauze Pomponette       135kr.




Clos de Caveau

This fine Vacqueyras has its roots in fields that are higher than the traditional wines of the village. Surrounded by forests and with a rich biodiversity, the special microclimate gives some very aromatic wines with juice and edge.

Clos de Caveau Lao Muse        305kr.




Clos de l’Anhel


Sophie Guiraudon grows wine at her 9 hectares in central Corbières. Her wines are characterized by sunshine and dry climate and have roots in the traditional Corbières, with powerful tanins, dark berries and pepper. But her way of working in the cellar gives a lighter and more fruity touch. A great example of how tradition and new thinking can meet in beautiful interactions.

Clos de l’Anhel Les Dimanches     180kr.

Clos de l’Anhel Les Terrassettes     145kr.

Clos de l’Anhel Rosali      125kr.





In the borderland between France and Spain in Côtes Catalanes the brothers Benoit og Sebastién make truly beautiful and pure wines. Guided by ancient knowledge and ancestral craft the brothers capture the essence of the land through their grapes. Syrah and grenache with muscles but tenderness and maccabeo, muscat and carignan gris that melts on the tongue and lingers as a good compliment.

Danjou-Banessy Coste Côtes Catalanes       175kr.

Danjou-Banessy La Truffiere Blanc      285kr.

Danjou-Banessy La Truffiére Rouge       210kr.

Danjou-Banessy Les Mirandes      225kr.

Danjou-Banessy Les Myrs     285kr.

Danjou-Banessy Roboul      175kr.




Domaine l’Arbousier

Eric Le Ho makes this one wine: Gaussan. With abundant amounts of character and own will- we are talking about the wine now. Eric has 3 hectares in Corbiéres with old Carignan and Cinsault and younger Grenache and Mourvedre. In extreme drought and intense sun the vines stand next to each other while Eric is working with grafting and trying to create as much biodiversity as possible.

Domaine de L’Arbousier Gaussan 2005       150kr.

Domaine de L’Arbousier Gaussan 2008       150kr.

Domaine de L’Arbousier L’Arbousier 2008 MGN       350kr.




Domaine du Pech

Ludovic is an old punk. He loves dancing, and never seems to slow down. Magali is a little more sensible. She saved Ludovic’s life once — he walked
unaccompanied into the Pyrenees mountains one day, and she had to go and get him back.The wines are spontaneously fermented with the yeasts on the grape skins for a long time. They sit ageing as they ferment in wooden barrels, sometimes for up to 3 years. This means that his wines, while fermented very wild, have had plenty of time to balance and stabilise themselves.

Domaine du Pech
La Badinerie du Pech Blanc     270kr.

Domaine du Pech
La Badinerie du Pech Rouge      225kr.

Domaine du Pech Pech Abusé      185kr.

Domaine du Pech Totem       220kr.




Domaine Loupia


The couple Pons make beautiful craftsmanship. The domain has been ecological since 1974, where Nathalie’s father changed it. Today, she and her husband make creamy dark wines, which have an immediateness and drinkability to them, which stems from proficient craftmanship and decency in the cellar.

Domaine Loupia Antoine    145kr.

Domaine Loupia Harmonie   115kr.

Domaine Loupia Julie     125kr.




Monsieur S

Etienne Fort comes from a grower family set up in Bouriege, a small village located on the foothills of the Pyrénées near Limoux. His plots are located in Bouriège and Roquetaillade, between 400 to 500 meters above sea level — the highest vineyard blocks of the appellation. His success has pushed every other winemaker in the village (except one) to become organic. His wines are slender and playful.

Etienne Fort
Mons. S. Blanquette     150kr.

Etienne Fort
Mons. S. Cremant rosé     170kr.

Etienne Fort Samo Blanc     145kr.




Domaine Grand Guilhem

Gilles and Sèverine Contrepois make their elegant Fitou wines of 12.7 hectares, where they cultivate Grenache, Carignan, Syrah, Muscat and Maccabeu. The latitude of the fields and Gilles’s careful work in the cellar gives the wines a nice acidity and complex aftertaste.

Grand Guilhem Angels Fitou      225kr.

Grand Guilhem Blanc      160kr.

Grand Guilhem
Grenat Rivesaltes (June 2019 Delivery)       185kr.

Grand Guilhem
Le Pointilliste Rouge      195kr.

Grand Guilhem
Muscat de Rivesaltes (June 2019 Delivery)     170kr.

Grand Guilhem Pas Pareil     155kr.

Grand Guilhem Rosé      135kr.




Hegarthy Chamans

An English rich man, a dedicated Burgundian wine maker and isolated terroir in
the mouth of Montaigne Noir. Biodynamic balance between soil, animals, wine

and humans gives deep spicy wines that challenge both nose and mind.

Hegarty Chamans Les Nonnes    145kr.

Hegarty Chamans Open Now     120kr.




Jean-Claude Beirieu


South of the city of Limoux Beirieu cultivates 5 hectares with Mauzac, Chardonnay, Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon. He makes sparkling Blanquette-type wines with sweetness and character. He also makes some red and white wines, each with their own soft soulfulness. Jean-Claude is particularly proud of his mutant size earthworms that make the soil airy so the vines can breathe.

Domaine Beirieu Boheme     135kr.

Domaine Beirieu Glou Glou      145kr.




La Jument Rousse

Hand-held and characteristic Corbiéres. Sandrine has been allowed to work with her horse and her creative mind on Eloi’s ancient fields around Lagrasse. And from that comes wine that bursts of life and joy.

Jument Rousse Cuvee Libellule      165kr.

Jument Rousse La Bergerie       135kr.




La Cave Apicole

Sylvian Respaut started making honey in 2007 in the area of Fenouillèdes, nea the Pyrenees. He started with 200 hives of the local ecotype “black bee”. In 2009 he converted to organic agriculture. In 2011 he started growing vines. After, according to their website, “a few years spent learning, taking advice and materials, feeding himself with mutual help and exchanges,” Sylvain began a partnership with with Olivier Cros, who is the son of a winemaker. The wines are light and tight and calls for sunshine.

La Cave Apicole – Zumo      180kr.   




Reserve d’O

Fruity finesse from Terrasses du Larzac. Forest berries, cliffs, rebel movements and moon calendars are all important ingredients in these elegant and savory wines.

La Reserve D’O Hissez O      240kr.

La Reserve D’O La Reserve d’O       180kr.

La Reserve D’O La Reserve d’O MGN         345kr.




Marc Barriot

Marc struggled with his grapes in the southern-most part of France, near Maury, for a long time. Then his wife Caroline told him to cut the crap and make wine the way he wanted to and not the way he thought others wanted him to. And here is the proof that you can taste the philosophy of the winemaker in the wine. Velvet, crispy, juicy and ferocious wines with the definition of the tasty barn.

Marc Barriot L’Original       160kr.

Marc Barriot
Le Clot de l’Origine rouge         145kr.

Marc Barriot
Le P’tit Barriot blanc        140kr.

Marc Barriot
Le Quilles Libres rouge        185kr.

Marc Barriot Soif de Plaisir        160kr.




Le Mas de mon Peré

Frederic is crazy. And he makes crazy wines. If wines can have ADHD, Frederic’s must be diagnosed. Malepére’s only ecologist, who drives on purpose and energy.

Mas del mon Pere C comme Ca        135kr.   




Olivier Pithon


Olivier started with a few horses and a small plot of land.
He’s always been working with horses, and now also keeps bees. He has 6 cows in the vines to work the soil between October and April. He is quoted on his website as having “always liked cows and animals in general (particularly those that can be eaten).”
He’s planted many trees and hedges to increase the biodiversity, too.

Olivier Pithon La D18      310kr.

Olivier Pithon Le Pilou      310kr.

Olivier Pithon Mon P’tit Pithon       125kr.

Olivier Pithon Pithon 357        130kr.




Pascal Chalon

With his small 10 hectares and basement in his grandmother’s old garage, Pascal makes his three amazing wines. Syrah, Grenache, Mourvedre and Carignan make up the good Rhône juice with spices and wonderful fruit. He also makes a white Rhône, which is phenominally spicy and creamy.

Pascal Chalon La GO Blanc     140kr.

Pascal Chalon La Grande Ourse      140kr.

Pascal Chalon La Petite Ourse      140kr.

Pascal Chalon La Petite Ourse     140kr.

Pascal Chalon CDR Villages      140kr.

Pascal Chalon Suze la Rousse       140kr.




Chateau Pech Redon

In the heart of La Clape lies the beautiful Pech Redon surrounded by nature
reserves. The area’s very special climate with Mediterranean sea air and a wealth of plant and animal life gives the wines their very own character with seaweed and wild herbs in the palate.

Pech Redon L’Epervier Blanc   155kr.

Pech Redon L’Epervier La Clape     120kr.

Pech Redon L’Epervier Rose      135kr.

Pech Redon Les Cades       120kr.




Domaine St. Marie des Pins

Delectable biodynamic drops from Marie and Henri Gayzard’s 28- hectare domain a little south of Carcassonne. Their fields are surrounded by forests, olive groves and almond trees. The wines are incredibly drinkable with good fruit acidity, soft tones and a delicate almond edge.

Sainte Marie des Pins L’Orchidée    100kr.

Sainte Marie des Pins La Soulane     145kr.

Sainte Marie des Pins La Peyre     100kr.

Sainte Marie des Pins Les Potes Rosé      100kr.

Sainte Marie des Pins Les Potes Rouge      100kr.

Sainte Marie des Pins Oh Oui!     135kr.

Sainte Marie des Pins Sauvignon    95kr.





Daniel Milan laver dansk naturvin og cider, oppe ved Fredensborg i en lille landsby, der hedder Veksebo. Vinene laver han mest på druen Solaris, cideren på de æbler, der er på gården og i nærheden. Det smager af dansk sommer.

V exebo Cider     200kr.

V exebo Solaris      295kr.

V exebo Solaris Orange Fadlagret      295kr.




Zélige Caravent

Luc and Marie decided to take over Luc’s grandparents vineyard in the village of Corconne between Montpellier and Nimes. And we are happy about it. With Luc’s zealousness and Marie’s ferocity they make savory, delicious and charming wines with edge and cream.

Zelige-Caravent Ikebana      175kr.

Zelige-Caravent Rosé       180kr.